Our Lady of Guadalupe, I come to you in much need of your assistance. Please allow me to become a wife and mother. Please bring the best mate for me if it is not MAF; the one that I will do good for others with.  Remove all blockages and family curses from my and my family. Remove/cure my hormonal problems. Please allow me to get 100%/A in this course, to successfully complete this final exam, & figure out my career path in life. Please allow healing, emotional and physical, for my immediate family including Zoey, Sephora, Anthony. Please let me to where I am to be in life and guide/protect me along with my Guardian Angel, Archangels, Saints, and Angels. Please protect us from COVID-19. Please remove evil people who will take our two homes; allow my parents to obtain their savings. Removal all homeopathic remedies from my vital force and heal my right eye. Please take away the eating disorder, low self-esteem/self-doubt, depression, and anxiety I face every day. Please made me a saint. Our Lady, please help my mother and father with their pains and worries. Please hear my intentions and come to our aid. Help those that I know who are in need of your protection and those who have no one to pray for them. Please grant us miracles and blessings this day… Please let this be in God’s/your Son’s Will.  Happy Feast Day, Our Lady of Guadalupe.