Dear blessed Mother, thank you for taking care of the Strong family and for the blessings you give them every day. Please cover this family with your sacred mantle and grant them always the Holy Spirit to guide them every day.

Please bless and protect Stephen’s Grandma who is in the care home far from her family, so she can feel the love of his family in her heart every day and that Our Lord brings hope to her spirit. Give her strength and protection during this time.

Love, Hope and good health to Stephen’s mom and dad during this difficult time, please bring a smile to their hearts every day and send the Holy Spirit to their marriage and many blessings to them

Care and protection to Andrew and Judith, Eaton and Joshua

Faith and Hope to Anna and Mark, Maria and little Tom

Please protect and bless Stephen, always guide him to you, Jesus and St. Joseph and thank you for letting me to know him during this time

Our Lady please provide the recovery of the health of the son of Stephen dad’s friend who is in critical care at the hospital please for a soon recovery and protection as well as strength for his family.

Thank you very much Our Lady for always taking care of the Strong family, never raise your hand of protection from this family, always bring them peace, light and love