Good morning mama Mary if you and all the heavenly angels and saints, please pray for Todd and I and our court hearing today with Rylie and Payton. We also ask for special prayers for father Rippy, Mr. Townsin, Tracey and her parents, Jennifer, and Charlie. We asked that you bless them and pray for their conversion, and for them to have the same things out of life that we would want we also pray for our 12 kids and that you protect them today and every day until we all get to the gates of heaven. We thank you for all your blessings upon us in our family. We ask you to also say prayers for Todds Job, and my future employment and photography help guide me for your son Jesus as well to be done in our lives, and not our own may you use us to be the hands and feet of Jesus for all the days of our lives. Please protect our house and all of our extended family members and loved ones. We also asked that you pray for all of our deceased family members from Adam and Eve, moving forward if any of them should be in pergatory, or if there be any blockages a Satan  in Center in any of our ancestryal line we pray that you would please planted with the most precious, precious, precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and put the cross there instead. We hope you have a beautiful day, and we know that you’re looking upon us always as our mother..