Jesus, Mary, Joseph I love you – Save souls ! Blood of Jesus – have mercy on us! Blood of Jesus, Tears of Blood of Our Lady – in my professional and spiritual life take me and my family to a place where no evil eyes can see, no evil spirits can touch us and lead us to a higher plateau. Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart – I really/urgently need a stable and secure enterprise job a high paying job, healing and making up for all my past wounds, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and failures – to make up for all the lost years. I pray for supernatural love, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, Blood of the Lamb I pray for supernatural stability and supernatural wisdom in my professional, personal and spiritual life.   Holy Spirit – please transform me my DNA and rewire my thoughts and mind inside out and give me supernatural strength. Jesus & Mother Mary – heal my deep inner wounds of Abandonment, Rejection, Fear, Shame, Confusion, Powerlessness, Bitterness and Hopelessness – in me, my family and my bloodline. Please Mother Mary and Holy Spirit – start moving people in my favor. Give me an Abrahamic faith to see the impossibilities moving and to believe that with God everything is possible. Blood of Jesus, break the power of sin, death, failure and curse operating in my life – the spirit of drunkenness, misfortune, sloth, gluttony, anger, fear and shame – in me and my family blood line. I pray for supernatural courage, supernatural confidence, wisdom, knowledge and understanding, supernatural stability in my current job. By the power of the Holy Spirit I pray for the spirit of supernatural excellence to deliver and perform at the highest level. Blood of Jesus, deliver me from all curses, rivalry, demonic jealousy, demonic ego from DJ, colleagues, family members or any other person, living or dead, human, living, creatures or spirits. Please make up for all the lost years, lost opportunities, past failures and boost my career graph. Mother Mary – Soak all my clients, colleagues, superordinates, subordinates, investors and competitors, all my income means and property in the precious blood of Jesus and in the Holy Spirit. Change their hearts and minds, bind all evil spirits and make every person, race and creed to work in favor of me. «‘Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain.» – 1 Chronicles 4:10. Blood of Jesus, heal me and strengthen my weak body. Blood of Jesus make me and my family completely invisible to our enemies and detractors put your mighty legion of angels constantly around us to protect, hide and guide us. Blood of Jesus, Blood tears of Our Lady have mercy on me for all the evil done against the poor, the weak and the marginalized; bless me my the power of the Holy Spirit and Psalms 107 :16 and Isaiah 45:2,3 – with Supernatural stability and Supernatural growth in my career and all my undertakings. Blood of Jesus, Blood tears and Sorrows of Our Lady have mercy on me and bind the wounds and hurts of all those whom I have hurt mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually. Take me Lord Jesus, to supernaturally great heights in my life, career and health for the glory of God. Blood of Jesus, make me supernaturally confident, wise and strong. Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart — make me supernaturally confident in any situations, any job markets, any domains, any countries, any geographies or culture. Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart — if it is the will of God let me own and execute my own sucessful businesses and conglomerates for the kingdom of God. Blood of Jesus, defeat my enemies all evil minds and evil people and evil spirits before me, opposing me. Blood of Jesus give me all the power of Ephesians 6, Mark 16:17,18, Romans 16:20, Luke 10:19, 2 Cor 10:4 and Isaiah 45:2,3. Blood of Jesus, make me powerful in earth till I reach heaven, blind all my enemies. Blood of Jesus, give me the grace to defeat people, bind and blind evil spirits and bring nations under the kingship of Christ. Blood of Jesus, make me rich in spirit and in wealth to be a blessing to this world. Blood of Jesus, make me powerful let the nations tremble, let evil people and spirits flee from my presence. Blood of Jesus make me and my family rule the world for the glory of Christ. Blood of Jesus, make me humble and meek like yours. Blood of Jesus, open up opportunities and projects before me which no one can stop; transform me to be charismatic and to make and execute big deals for the glory of God. Blood of Jesus, Immaculate Conception – I am Feeling very weak, tired and anxious – heal me dear Lord. Lord Jesus, Blood of the Lamb I pray for supernatural stability and supernatural wisdom in my professional life. Blood of Jesus, flow into all the HR personnel, the shortlisting, the hiring and interview process, vetting process, background checks, drug checks, reference checks, joining process, all discussions and questions, all salary negotiations for me and my family. Fill me with supernatural courage and an increase of faith, supernatural faith, hope and love; supernatural wisdom & intellect to deal with this world and all evil spirits and people, supernatural confidence to deal with the career, job, ministry and future related uncertainties. Immaculate Heart of Mary Blind all people and process vetting my profile and make any aspects which are negative completely invisible. Blood of Jesus, Immaculate Heart – blind all eyes and thoughts concerning me on any aspect including my job gap to all potential employers. Fill them with your special love.  Blood of Jesus and Immaculate heart of Mary – break all blocks and bondages standing against the sale of our house and land – bind and blind all evil spirits, curses, cunningness, deceit, bondages and evil people standing against the land sale and our flat sale. Holy Spirit, Blood of Jesus – please bless us with good buyers and a good price. Blood of Jesus particularly bind and blind Babu, Felicia, Reny, Boban, Godwin, Melvin and everyone associated with the Gomez family tree. Blood of Jesus particularly bind and blind Sangeeta, Vinod, Lucy, Bobby, Sunil, Shyam and everyone working against Deepu and my family and their marriage. Establish us Mother Mary, with supernatural peace, stability and security in the US and not to be shuttled around from one place to another. For a supernatural SIPPEFFGHH breakthrough in my life, my family and my community. Blood of Jesus, break the spirit of poverty, curse, ignorance, foolishness and hunger from my life. Lord Jesus, give me and my family the grace of continuous education and the gift of knowledge. Restore all broken graces of studying, learning and development from my family blood line – give us the means, money, opportunity and wisdom to excel in education and advanced research and learning. Offering all 3C4STIJHM – past, present and future – touch them, bind them, anoint them, heal them and their families. Blood of Jesus, Holy Wounds of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary – bind all curses coming from 3C4STIJHM, heal them and bless them. Blood of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary – Please completely root out and heal my tuberculosis, diabetes, prostrate disorders, inflammation, infection, ingrown nails inflammations and infections, fungal infections, constipation, urinary incontinence, thyroid problems, Muscular dystrophy, cardiac issues, spondylitis, vertigo, brain disorders, colitis and all intestinal, digestive, endocrinal, respiratory and skeletal ailments, my eyes and ear infections, eye sight and hearing – all physical and mental ailments affecting me and my family blood line and the deeper inner wounds associated with these disorders. Any colorectal issues and wounds, prostrate related ailments I offer all our bodily ailments and emotional wounds to the Holy Wounds of Jesus & to the Sorrowful heart of Mary. All curses associated with our mental, physical and emotional health in our family tree, be healed by the Blood of Jesus. Bless me and my family tree with a long full life as in John 10:10  – keep all our near and dear ones safe from pestilence, hunger, famine, misfortunes, accidents, war, sudden untimely death and all natural disasters. Keep us ready for the coming of Jesus, in purity, love, faith and hope. Offering up the house that we are planning to buy, help us move out from rental to a permanent home – bless it, anoint it with the precious blood with all the purchasing process and finances. Mother Mary, by the power of the blood of Jesus please break all evil bondages, curses, hexes, occult, black magic, mantra, poojas, evil curses up on my family – immediate family, paternal and maternal family tree my community covering the past 15 generations. For a healing and deliverance of all discord, disunity, division and divorce, legal curses afflicting my family tree and my community. May the spirit of bondage, slavery and sin be dissolved by the blood of Jesus. May all curses, malediction, malefice, hexes, poojas, mantras, occult, witchcraft, black magic sent or done against me and my family be dissolved by the Blood of Jesus. Blood of Jesus, flow and bring healing and deliverance, unity and love to Deepu and Miriam, Mathew, Joshua, Antony. For the healing and deliverance of Joseph Rosario and Molly Joseph for deep unity, peace and happiness and the blessing of a long full healthy life John 10:10. For the healing and deliverance of Gabriel, Maria and Ruby; Michael and Raphael – for purity, holiness and detachment from devices. Blood of Jesus & Blood tears of Our Lady, deliver Ruby from all evil spirits, from the spirit of gluttony hunger shame and obesity. Blood of Jesus & Blood tears of Our Lady, deliver Ruby from all hidden spirits, deceitful spirits and all cunning spirits. For the repose of the souls departed from Lucious Simon Gomez and Marina Gomez and for the deliverance of this family from every spirit of oppression, disunity and demonic bondages, covenants and curses. Deliver this family from the spirit of greed, cunningness and lack of faith in God. All for the glory and in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Blood of Jesus and Immaculate Heart, bless us abundantly with more children and let my family and my generation be filled with the gift of life. Specially bless the next child and the delivery of that child and health of that child and Ruby. Let the mighty name of Jesus be exalted through me and my family. Ave Maria. Amen!