Hi Mama Mary, I was hoping you could Come and spread your mantle protection over me and my family. These demons have been bothering me and oppressing me. I also worry about my family and my kids and I was hoping that you could help me take care of them. You are such a beautiful mother and I’m so thankful for you. Also, if you could help everybody in the envelope all the people in the prison today they were laying there alone, Mike, Young’s court hearing, a friend of Matt, who is also suffering from oppression my stepson Brenson it’s in his addiction and really need your help. My son Royall also struggles with addiction, and finding his way to the Lord as well as our son Carlton just got a mental illness. We ask that you hear our prayer for the little girls court case and just your protection in love over them. Please stay close to us so we can do your sons divine well. All of us Mama Mary. I’ll give you my life, my family, my past my future my ancestryal line. I know this is totally off topic but I also wanna have a baby Mama Marys when my husband and I get convalidated in the Catholic Church although they say I might have problems conceiving, but I know nothing is impossible with you also prayers for mine and Todd‘s mama and my step father Chuck just had surgery. Also, all my family souls that may or may not be in purgatory especially my cousin Lindsey. She’s a very beautiful, beautiful beautiful young lady and she need your help in your prayers. I love you so much Mama Marys thank you for your help.  Also, all the prayers that I will remember later that I wish I had written down. Lol.